JET SKI WITHOUT LICENSEDrive a jet ski with maximum speed without a license or previous experience.
FREE SECOND USERYou can go 1 or 2 people with no additional cost. The price is per jet ski.
LOWEST PRICESUnique promotions and tours available all season.

Jet Ski Rental and WaterSports in Tenerife


55€ 65€

Jet Ski 35 min at 9am (Exclusive online promotion)

Happy Hour Sunrise

Come in the morning and start the day on a jet ski at a low cost price.

55€ 65€

Jet Ski 35 min at 5pm (Exclusive online promotion)

Happy Hour Sunset

Watch the most beautiful sunset riding the waves with a jet ski.

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Best Jet Ski Tours

Duration: 40 min

Jet Ski La Caleta Tour

Quiet adventure to enjoy the sea. Ideal for beginners.

Online discount!

65€/jet ski 75€

safari-ubication La Caleta beach

Duration: 60 min

Jet Ski Palm Mar Tour

Explore one of the most beautiful places on the island by jet ski.

Online discount!

79€/jet ski 95€

safari-ubication Palm Mar

Duration: 60 min

Jet Ski El Puertito Tour

One of the most complete routes with jet ski and much fun!

Online discount!

79€/jet ski 95€

safari-ubication La Caleta + El Puertito

Duration: 180 min

Jet Ski Los Gigantes Tour

Discover the impressive cliffs of Los Gigantes. They will blow your mind!

Online discount!

199€/jet ski 249€

safari-ubication Los Gigantes + Puertito + La Caleta

Discover our team

Discover our team

We have many years of experience in the world of water sports. We started JetScoot in Barcelona and after the success achieved we landed in Tenerife with the same desire and enthusiasm. Let’s start!

In addition, in our jet ski rental service in Tenerife you will find professionalism and close treatment, one of the most important characteristics of our way of working. The instructors will care about you from the first minute so that you can enjoy your experience safely. In addition, his kindness will make him become another friend in your adventure.

We have Yamaha brand jet skis. They are considered the best on the market for their reliability and comfort.

There is a lot of offer and prices for renting jet skis in Tenerife. Surely you will be able to see many promoters and centers offering you different options in each corner. Be sure that you will receive so many offers and you will have doubts.

At JetScoot we guarantee attractive prices according to the quality of our service and without intermediaries. The prices are what they are and you can see them on our website. We have promotions and tours that include extra services such as snorkeling and photos. In addition, we are the only jet ski rental service in Tenerife that does not charge an extra for the companion.
You can enjoy 1 or 2 people for the same price!

So what should you choose? Promotions or Tours, what is the difference? The choice will depend on what you are looking for.

First of all, the promotions are for those who are looking for the best price and just want to enjoy 100% of driving a jet ski. Adrenaline, speed and waves!

Secondly, the tours are much more than just driving a jet ski. With them, you will live an authentic epic adventure in Tenerife. You will discover places that you had never imagined, you will snorkel in crystal clear waters and you will have a total experience of the island.

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