Buggy Safaris in Tenerife

Buggy Expeditions in Tenerife

If you are one of those who are looking for different activities, you cannot leave Tenerife without having taken a Buggy safari. Go on an adventure and discover hidden places that you can only access with these vehicles. We have 2 different buggy expeditions:

What exactly are we going to do driving a Buggy in Tenerife?

You will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the top buggy adventure in Tenerife!

Throughout the activity, there will be an expert guide who will be in charge of teaching you and helping you get familiar with driving. Later, he will guide the group during the route and follow the established itinerary of the excursion.

You will live an exciting adventure that combines fun and tourism at the same time!

Buggy expeditions and excursions

Buggys are off-road vehicles expressly designed to travel through the sand and what better idea than to take advantage of them to do a safari along the dirt roads.

We have a buggy expedition through Tenerife South where we will travel along the coast of Adeje and the beach of the Americas. At the same time, we have another Jeep tour to Teide where we will travel to hidden places and you will enjoy unique landscapes formed by the eruptions of the volcano.

Do I need any type of license to rent a Buggy?

Although it is really easy to drive, the user must have a driver’s license.
For the buggies excursion it is necessary for the driver having the driving license and a minimum age of 18 years.

For the Jeep trip it is necessary for the driver having the driving license and a minimum age of 18 years.


Can 2 people go?

The answer is yes. Each buggy can carry 2 people and the accompanish has no minimum age.
In each buggy can go 2 people and the accompanist has no minimum age.
In the case of the Jeep, up to 4 people can go and the accompanists do not have a minimum age to enjoy the experience.

Renting a buggy in Tenerife is an ideal activity for everyone!