Terms and conditions

General conditions for contracting jet skis

With the present general conditions of the vehicle reservation service, the contractual relationship between the lessor JetScoot and the lessee, the customer, is regulated, by virtue of which the former yields to the second the use of a vehicle for a term and price conditioned according to rental contract conditions.

1. Applicable legal regulation

The access jetscoot-tenerife.com is completely voluntary and attributes the condition of User to whoever does it. These General Contract Conditions are subject to the provisions of Spanish legislation, which will be applicable by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007. of November 16, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the defense of consumers and users and other complementary laws, to Law 44/206, of December 29, on the improvement of consumer protection and users, as well as any other regulations that substitute, complement, or modify the above, in what may be applicable. JetScoot reserves the possibility of modifying, without prior notice, the content of the Legal Conditions so that it recommends the user to read these Conditions each time the site is accessed. At any time, JetScoot reserves the right to. at any time and without prior notice, deny access to this site to those users who violate any of these General Conditions of Use or the particular ones that apply to them.

2. Use of the website

These General Conditions of Use regulate the access and use of jetscoot-tenerife.com, with the sole purpose of guiding and facilitating the user to enjoy the services offered by jetscoot-tenerife.com

The user undertakes to make diligent use of the same and of the services accessible from jetscoot-tenerife.com, with total compliance with the Law, good customs and these General Conditions of Use.

In general, the provision of services does not require prior subscription or registration of users . However, JetScoot conditions the use of some of the services upon prior completion of the corresponding User registration.

To register in JetScoot it is mandatory to fill in the fields marked with a seterisk (*) in the registration form. The use of the account and its password is personal and non-transferable, and the transfer, even temporary, to third parties is not allowed. It is the responsibility of the User to adopt the necessary measures to guard the selected password, avoiding the use of it by third parties. In the event that the User suspects or knows of the use of his password by third parties, he must put such knowledge to JetScoot as soon as possible.

All information provided by the User through the services must be accurate and truthful. Updates of said data will be the responsibility of the User. The user will be solely responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the data provided.

By filling out the form and clicking on create account, the user declares to have read and accepted the Legal Conditions of JetScoot.

With the insertion of information and / or images in the jetscoot-tenerife.com portal, the user declares himself as the legitimate owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the content for the reproduction, distribution and public communication through any of the electronic means existing, without temporal or spatial limit. With this, the User declares that they have sufficient rights for the insertion of the information and / or images on the jetscoot-tenerife.com portal.

It is prohibited to insert allegedly illegal material by national, community or international regulations, which do not meet the minimum quality parameters that undermine the fundamental rights of people, obscene material and in general that contravene the principles of legality and honesty.

The User authorizes JetScoot to disseminate and / or modify the contents that have been provided. JetScoot has no obligation to control the use that users make of the service, it is not guaranteed that users will use them in accordance with the provisions of the Conditions.

3. Rental conditions

The tenant must read and accept these terms and conditions of use, be over 18 years and will be responsible for the rented equipment.

The rented vehicles will be picked up at the JetScoot facilities and must be returned at the same place of collection, or at another prior agreement between the parties. The rented equipment can only be used by the people designated by the client at the time of signing the contract.

The lessee receives the vehicle described in the contract in the correct state of operation, maintenance and without deficiencies, except for the observations that may be made when receiving the vehicle in the rental contract itself. If a deficiency is found in the leased vehicle, it is the tenant’s obligation to notify the rental office.

The lessee is obliged to be careful and take the necessary precautions to protect the rented material. The customer is obliged at all times to tie the vehicles correctly when he does not have them in sight, in any case it is recommended to keep it with him whenever possible. Any type of damage or theft during the rental period will be borne solely by the customer and will immediately assume all of the replacement costs incurred at market price. In the alleged case of theft, the client must immediately notify the police and file a complaint proclaiming the facts.

At the end of the rental period, a JetScoot representative will determine the conditions of delivery of the rented material and will assess if necessary the losses or damages caused.

4. Civil liability and limitations

As a lessee, civil coverage insurance can be applied, but the client is responsible for being insured with adequate coverage against risks that may arise during the rental period. JetScoot will not be responsible or responsible for claims for; accidents, blows, injuries or damages caused to themselves and third parties.

It is strictly forbidden to drive negligently, under the influence of alcohol or substances that alter the state of consciousness and / or in states of sleepiness or fatigue that endanger your own integrity, of the vehicle or of third parties.

Traffic laws legislated in the area where the vehicles are rented will be detailed by JetScoot staff before leasing. The client and companions assume all responsibility to circulate respecting traffic regulations.

The driver is not authorized to drive in areas, terrain or roads that, due to obstacles or relief and the quality of the road, jeopardize the integrity of the vehicle, its wheels or any of its components.

It is forbidden to use the rented vehicles to push or tow other vehicles or trailers, or in sports tests or training of any modality.

It is forbidden for the lessee to assign, sublet, rent, mortgage, pledge, sell or in any way give both the vehicle and the rental contract as collateral.

5. Payment, security deposit and reservations

Reservations are made through www.jetscoot-tenerife.com through a payment card. In most reservations, the customer will have to make a payment of € 15 for each rented vehicle or activity and the rest of the amount will be paid in our store on the day of the reservation.

The lessee will be obliged to pay the Landlord the amounts mentioned below, which the Landlord has informed the lessee and are included in this contract:

  • Billing of the rental period according to the prices of the current Rate Table.
  • Billing in case of delays in the return of the vehicle.
  • Costs and expenses derived from the damages caused, to the integrity of the vehicle and / or theft or decrease thereof in accordance with the provisions of article Accidents, theft and reporting obligation.
  • Payment of fines and expenses arising from its management, costs arising from the stoppage of the vehicle and / or loss of profits.
  • Costs and expenses derived from the replacement of keys and / or accessories.
  • Costs and expenses of special cleaning of the vehicle.

6. Cancellations and returns

JetScoot reserves the right to accept or reject a reservation request for any reason, including, but not limited to, the availability of a reservation, an error in the price or description or image of the service, or for any error in the reservation.

You can cancel or modify a reservation 48 working hours before the start of the rental. In the case of cancellations, the previous payment made by web will not be refunded under any circumstances.

In case of not showing up at the agreed time, JetScoot will retain the total rental price already paid. The inability to attend the contracted service or an error when making the acquisition, will not be valid reasons to proceed with the return. Excluded from this case are those arising from an error attributable to JetScoot or in cases of force majeure, especially meteorological causes that prevent the service.

In the event that the holder does not exchange a one-day bond with the date of the indicated activity, it will be considered expired, and its exchange is not possible. In that case, the holder will not be entitled, under any circumstances, to the refund of the amount paid.

7. JetScoot support

In the event of having any type of breakdown during the rental period, the contract holder must contact JetScoot customer service. Always try to proceed as quickly as possible to solve any incident. We have an assistance service for both urban displacements and sea routes by jet ski.

8. Disclaimer

Accepting these conditions, the user acknowledges and accepts that JetScoot is not responsible for any prejudices that may arise from, with a purely enunciative and non-limiting nature:

  • Internet network blockages caused by overloads or deficiencies or other electronic systems.
  • The inability to provide the service or allow access for any reason that cannot be attributed to it.
  • Interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, breakdowns, disconnections in the operational operation of this electronic system or in the user’s computer equipment.
  • Any anomaly of the service for reasons beyond its control and prevent a reservation being made effective.

9. Data privacy

JetScoot informs you that as a lessee you give your express consent so that your personal data is included in a file of restricted access by company personnel in order to facilitate the development, complying with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Personal Character.

Depending on the contract, JetScoot may need to share their data with third parties in order to facilitate the development, control and fulfillment of the contractual relationships maintained.

n the case of commercial communications through email or equivalent channel, and in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the lessee grants his express consent for the sending of advertising through of said medium. This consent may be canceled at any time by request addressed to the email [email protected]

JetScoot reserves the right to communicate the data of the lessee to asset and credit solvency information files, in accordance with the provisions of the current data protection regulations, if the lessee incurred any type of default due to the hired rental services and prior unsatisfactory payment requirement by the lessor.

Any tenant may rectify and cancel their personal data by entering their user account or by email to [email protected]