Jet Ski Safari and Tours in Tenerife

The best aquatic experience of the island

Try one of our jet ski safari of Tenerife and discover the most magical sites of the islannd driving a jet ski. You will visit places where are only accessible by sea and we will be accompanied by impressive marine animals during your trip. Do you dare?

More than just jet ski safaris

Our safaris include all kinds of additives that make it a total aquatic experience. Is not only drive a jet ski, is enjoy Tenerife with a total experience. You will do Snorkeling, you will take pictures, you will visit unique places and landscapes and you will be surrounded by the spectacular marine wildlife that inhabits the island.

Enjoy Tenerife with another level!

Do I need license to enjoy a jet ski safari in Tenerife?

The majority thinks that a license is needed for drive jet ski. You don’t need it! We will teach you everything! You can do any of our Tenerife jet ski safaris without having experience. In case you have experience, you will enjoy our latest generation jet skis as never before!

Free second passanger in our jet ski tours

We are the only place where the companion does not have to pay an extra cost. You can go 1 or 2 people for the same price because the price is for each jet ski. You can also switch the driver during the activity!

Share your experience with your couple or friend!