Jet Ski with license

Drive our jet ski with your license in Tenerife

Feel free as never before driving a jet ski in Tenerife with your license. Discover privileged places and enjoy your favorite routes. Dare to connect with the sea with an incredible experience!

Do you have Jet Ski license?

Actually there are numerous nautical licenses  that allow driving different boats of different sizes. Some of them are the navigation license, the PNB, the PER and other international licenses that allow you to drive a jet ski freely without a instructor. If you have one of the licenses, you are in the right place!

Jet Ski with license rental in Tenerife

We are one of the few places in Tenerife that offer this exclusive service for licenses. Many people are nautical lovers and we think that they must have a different service from the rest by having the license and having knowledge of the sea.

Come to JetScoot, hire a jet ski with license and drive as your own way

Advantages of having a Jet Ski license in Tenerife

We offer all kinds of advantages for the jet ski with license rentalin Tenerife. You have better prices, we give you all the equipment you need, jet skis with no power limit, you can bring a companion at no additional cost and even fuel is included! It’s time for you to take advantage of your license and start to explire this amazing volcanic island.

Our jet skis are also yours. We will wait for you!